Our nation needs to continually modernize and maintain our infrastructure to make the United States an attractive place for businesses to operate and for people to live. The costs of underinvestment in infrastructure are massive. Due to continuing deterioration of water systems throughout the United States, each year there are approximately 240,000 water main breaks resulting in property damage and expensive service interruptions and repairs. 


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Our non profit has enjoyed a very productive and meaningful working relationship with Mr. Pryor for over a year.  He is flexible, extremely knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and always reliable. From start to finish, AES has handled everything we’ve asked them to do. Working with AES has been a positive experience which we look forward to building upon as we continue to grow.
Michele Reynolds, M.A.,ABD

Infrastructure investment not only creates jobs and economic growth over the longer run; it creates jobs in the near-term in the construction sector and beyond. But not every infrastructure investment offers the same long-term economic gains.

AES offers a public facilities financing methodology utilizing Tax Exempt Bond financing in partnership with a number of regional and national banks and companies that allows us to bring to bear the lowest cost of capital through a unique not-for-profit structure allowing Cities, Counties and States to make much needed public investments without loosing control over those assets.

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