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Partners & Clients


Excellent, outstanding, professional, friendly, customer-centered, and high integrity!  These are just a few words to describe my experience as a client with AES Development LLC. From my initial consultation to becoming a client of AES Development LLC, my team and I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of service and knowledge that owner, Derrick Pryor has provided.  Mr. Pryor has proven to be an important asset to Dominion Center Ministries.  He has not only spent countless hours explaining every detail to his approach in assisting us with our mixed-use community development project in Virginia but has also met with those who were important players in the progress of making our project come closer to a reality.  Dominion Center Ministries Inc. does not just feel like mere clients of AES Development LLC but a true partnership has been created. 
Roger Cheeks, Founder/CEO/President
Dominion Center Ministries Inc.

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